These Online Health Food Stores Make Grocery Shopping Easier

Health Food Stores

Getting your favorite healthy foods sent to you is simple. We’ve reviewed the best health food stores online, so you can start enjoying your favorite, healthy foods delivered to your doorstep.

Beyond your basic foods, most of them also offer a multitude of delicious snacks and groceries (dragon fruit chips: try them). Online health food stores have you covered for all your grocery needs, from great ingredients or whatever. you need to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

We’ve rounded up the best online health food stores to get everything from trendy plant-based snacks to all your groceries.

Best Online Health Food Stores

Best Overall: Prosperous Market

Best Budget: Natural Food Store

Best for snacking: The Goods Mart

Best for Supplements: NOW Foods

Ideal for premium plant ingredients: PLANTA

Best for Meal Prep: GO Buddha

final verdict

All of these options offer different types of healthy foods, whether you’re looking for staples like avocado oil, snacks with reishi, or supplements to help with your daily life. If you live in a place where it’s not as easy to access healthy foods or you’re looking to make recipes that use innovative and unusual ingredients, these companies make delivery quick and easy. These online health food stores make it easier to eat vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free because it’s simple to sift through the options and make healthy choices.

Thrive Market is the best overall choice simply because of their product range. It’s a one-stop-shop whether you’re looking for complete meals, pantry items, or specialty snacks, including Justins, Smart Sweets, and Brami Snacking Lupini Beans..

What are online health food stores?

If you’re trying to add more herbs to your diet or are just looking for specific items, these stores make it easy to purchase extremely specific wellness products.

How much do products cost in online health food stores?

The price varies depending on whether the program requires a membership or if you can do just one grocery store. Thrive Market encourages users to become members because the prices are lower. With NOW Foods, you can buy everything you need, with a focus on supplements, and prices tend to be lower because the products are private label.

Other online health food stores offer more expensive options with ingredients or snacks you find in restaurants. PLANTA is the most upscale option, as it is intended for luxurious pantry staples. The Goods Mart also offers snacks at a higher price, but it offers treats you won’t find elsewhere. Natural Food Shop is cheap and you can place a single order.

How We Choose The Best Online Health Food Stores

We’ve researched the most popular online health food stores with the widest variety, focusing on a range of options from cheap groceries to more upscale and luxurious delivery. We looked at product reviews, especially if the sites had their own internal brands. We also looked at the different products available on the sites and whether they were hard to find or available in local stores.

Many sites offer the super healthy snacks you’ll find at Whole Foods, supplements cheaper than a vitamin store, and the chance to try some cool ingredients.

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