How to use CBD OIL.?


With the growing awareness of the health benefits CBD has, has come a concern for the benefits of its mode of absorption. CBD oil thus stands out as a discreet , effective and even elegant solution for consuming CBD . Its case is easy to carry, it does not diffuse a strong odor and its consumption goes unnoticed. Better still, it can be consumed in many ways that contribute to the enthusiasm around the product, such as in cooking or as a base for cocktails, for example. Zoom on this flagship product of our ranges, available at theCBD express delivery in Paris .

The different potencies of CBD oils

First of all, we must make a compulsory passage through the potencies indicated in the name of the CBD oils . You will hear, if you haven’t already, of 5% , 15% , 25% , and 40% CBD oils . What do these percentages on CBD oil mean? The first answer is that CBD oil is not obtained directly from hemp. It is indeed impossible to obtain a CBD oil by a pure CBD extract. These oils are obtained by combining an oil base (olive or hemp , in general) with a component rich in CBD. This component can be obtained from CBD crystalspure, or from a hemp flower extract . In the second case, other active ingredients of the plant will be extracted at the same time as the CBD and will contribute to the effect of the oil, which is then called “full spectrum”. The percentage of your CBD oil is therefore the proportion of CBD-enriched oil compared to the proportion of base oil used.

The dosage: how much CBD oil to take per day?

To date, there are very few framed, official and serious recommendations on the daily dosage of CBD . In addition, everyone is different, the reasons for taking are different, and so are the oils. It is therefore not easy to find your way around and many people recommend, in a vague way, “a few drops a day”. So, how many drops to take per day  ? What dosage should be observed for each use, or per dose? The first answer is a common sense answer: trust your feelings, and go crescendo. Start with a small dose, pay attention to your body’s reactions and adjust. You are in no hurry after all.

In order to be able to enjoy the benefits of CBD oils , a more exact answer would require an analysis of several factors: your gender, age, weight and the reason for your consumption. Let’s take the example of a woman of average weight (65 kg) and a man of average weight (78 kg), both adults:

To relieve mild psychological disorders (such as stress , anxiety , insomnia, digestive problems, inflammation, etc.), a dose of 40 mg is recommended for men and a dose of 30 mg is recommended for women.

To relieve psychological disorders or heavier physical pain , the daily dose for men can range from 70 mg to a maximum of 100 mg. For women, this same range ranges from 50 mg to 70 mg.

The younger and lighter you are, the lower the doses should be from these estimates. On the contrary, the greater your body weight, the more you can afford to increase the dose. Pay attention, once again, to your own feelings, because the chemistry of each body is different!

The method: how to ingest CBD oil?

There are two main categories of response: the classic, and the original. The easiest way is to place the drops directly in your mouth, ideally under your tongue . To speed up the onset of effects, you can soak the oil drops in a sugar cube , and let it melt under your tongue. Sugar is well known for easily melting and entering the bloodstream, taking CBD molecules with it for fast action. But where consumers compete for ingenuity in taking CBD oil is in food and mixology. Indeed, CBD oil can be used instead of another oil in your favorite recipes for a relaxing meal, as well as as a base for your next cocktails .to replace alcohol with smoother sensations.

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