Dentures Abroad A Good Choice.?

Dentures Abroad

In recent years, medical tourism has been developing around the world. The same is true for dental tourism. How to define this phenomenon? It can be said that it consists of obtaining medical care, dental care or dentures abroad, at lower costs. One can also include in this definition the fact of having recourse, in another country, to treatments which are not available in the country of residence.

Dental care and denturology are no exception to this phenomenon. Some agencies offer to have your dentures made abroad, even if you benefit, in Quebec and Canada, from all the advanced care in these two areas.

Dental health professionals in Quebec are well informed about the phenomenon of dental tourism, although it is rare.

Denturist Isabelle Gaudette highlights a few things to consider when making dentures abroad.

What about dentures abroad?

In Quebec, the manufacture of dental prostheses is done according to a well-established and well-supervised professional process. Thus, the denturist has the expertise to manufacture dental prostheses. He designs, adjusts and maintains dental prostheses. He makes them with quality materials that are durable, harmless to health and have received Health Canada approval.

The denturist sees to properly identify the needs of his patients, to perform all the required measurements of the mouth to manufacture and adjust effective and perfectly adapted dental prostheses. For prosthetic services on dental implants, the denturist works with a dental surgeon who specializes in placing implants in the gums.

The professional process of the denturist provides for follow-up with the patient before, during and after the fabrication of the dental prostheses. This is what makes, among other things, the quality of dental care offered by denturists. And that’s what gives patients the best possible return.

Abroad, this process may vary by country. The way of doing things may not meet the same quality standards that dental care professionals must rigorously follow, here in Quebec and in Canada. The equipment and technology used may also be different and not always correspond to North American standards. Comparisons remain difficult

If you are thinking of having dentures made abroad, it can also be complex to ensure the quality of the materials used.

On this point, certain ways of doing things can alert you. For example, if you are offered the fabrication of dentures in a single day, it is in your best interest to exercise caution…

In Quebec, denturists ensure a follow-up of 4 to 6 appointments for the fabrication of a normal prosthesis. It is the established standard to guarantee the reliability, the comfort and the effectiveness of the dental prostheses.

Are the costs of dentures abroad really cheaper?

The particularity of dental and medical tourism is to offer care at a lower cost. That said, it remains important to carefully examine what this may also include as additional costs. If you are thinking, for example, of having your dental prostheses manufactured abroad, several elements must then be considered. Often, these elements are forgotten in the price of prostheses. The proposed amounts then seem attractive.

Thus, plane, taxi, hotel and food costs must be considered for the stay abroad. A second trip for adjustment of dentures may also be necessary, doubling the expected costs.

Also, it is prudent to carefully analyze the services that are included in the proposed costs. Guarantees are not always offered, which can multiply the costs afterwards…

Isabelle Gaudette, experienced denturist with state-of-the-art equipment

Isabelle Gaudette, denturist and member of the Ordre des denturologistes du Québec, has been sharing her expertise in dental care with her patients for over 15 years. Its clinics in Sherbrooke and East Angus are equipped with state-of-the-art professional equipment adapted to current best practices.

In addition to offering its know-how in the manufacture of dental prostheses, it is also involved in dental hygiene and prevention. She knows the importance of follow-ups to ensure the manufacture of quality dental prostheses. And to give its patients all the efficiency, comfort and quality of life they are looking for.

Do not hesitate to contact Isabelle Gaudette, denturist, for a free evaluation without obligation on your part. As a dental professional, she is able to inform you about your needs, the possible solutions for you and the real costs of the options available to you.

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